The Bioforum Australia office is located in Melbourne. The office opened officially on October 2017 and is being led by Nadia Nahmany, our VP of Australia Operations.

Why Australia?

The Australian regulations make it very simple to conduct a trial in Australia:  the local regulator – the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), does not review the clinical trial; it is done by the hospital Ethics Committee (EC), while the TGA is only required to be notified after the trial is approved by the EC. This scheme simplifies the approval process and shortens significantly the study start-up times. Secondly, the Australian government has a spectacular tax incentive of up to 43.5% for small companies, which makes Australia an attractive business proposition. Lastly, Australia creates good data, thanks to the good quality and almost fully digitalized healthcare system, world-class researchers, fully engaged patients and high diversity of the population.

No wonder that Australia is regarded as one of the best places in the world to conduct clinical trials, and together with Bioforum’s deep expertise and extensive experience the value-add for life sciences companies is no less than tremendous.