Our Services​​

Our Services

Bioforum provides unique and high-quality solutions for efficient collection, standardization and reporting of clinical research data. Our professional teams enable clients to manage and analyze their data through integrated visualization and analytical capabilities.

Customized services are designed specifically to meet each requirements.

Why The Data Masters?​​

Why the Data Masters?

Our dedicated professional teams have a unique and in-depth understanding of the challenges of data collection and data management in clinical trials. With experience in the end to end lifecycle of hundreds of studies worldwide and coming from backgrounds in medical related fields, academia, and clinical operations, our data specialists understand the landscape of clinical development across therapeutic area and indication.  Med Device is covered too.  

Our experience, combined with our nimble approach and solid work ethic, makes us a natural partner for clients to work with us either as a backend service or as an integrated direct resource serving as the extension of the on-ground teams conducting the trial.

Our Company​

Our Company

Bioforum was founded in 1998 and started out as an Applied Knowledge Center in the life science industry, bridging between academia, industry and government.
In 2008 Bioforum has established the Data Masters, a data-focused CRO, supporting clients in the utilization of their clinical data and guarantee its integrity and accuracy. Ever since our goal is to consistently improve and innovate data processes to allow for the most efficient data submissions for our clients and their patients.
In recent years, we have expanded beyond the borders of Israel with offices in Australia, South Africa and the US, and working relations with many other countries across the globe.

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Look Out For Bioforum at the Following Events:

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